Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Essential Basic Cardigan

Hi luvs!!
Barka da salah to my Muslim friends. I hope u guys hav bin enjoying the short salah break ? for me it's bin fun all thru especially becuz my hubby's birthday was yesterday.. Wat more can I ask for I have it all- An amazing hubby and the best father in the world to my little daughter...
Today's post is about A simple cardigan,it was listed in one of my previous post as a fashion essential for every college fashionista, A simple cardigan is my go-to look for the cold weather. I totally love how easily cardigans can be dressed up or down with basic pieces like a nice scarf. They are what I first turn to when the weather start getting cold. You can't go wrong with something as basic and timeless as a simple cardigan, you can choose from neutral color or insert prints or bright color just as you please